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Regulation and automation for heating installations

Thermostats, thermometers, temperature regulators and hygrostats:

  • Ambience thermometers (electro-mechanical and digital clocks)

  • Modular thermostats with remote sensor

  • Ambience thermostats without clock

  • Air-conditioning thermostats

  • Water-proof thermostats with remote sensor

  • Digital thermometers

  • Industrial digital thermostats

  • Analogue and digital regulators

  • Hygrostats and hygrothermostat

Regulation and control for heating:

  • Climate regulators (with exterior sensor)

  • Multi-functional temperature regulator with 0-10 V output

  • Sanitary priority modules

  • Regulator without external sensor (constant temperature)

  • Multi-zone modules

  • PHARAO logic modules for multi-zone heating installations, with alternate heat production or cascade boilers

  • Electronic module for controlling two boilers in cascade

Cable boxes:

  • Cable boxes for boiler installations

  • Cable boxes for multi-zone installations

  • Cable boxes for installations with an alternate heat production

  • Cable boxes for cascade control of multiple boilers

Valves, servo motors and pressure-breaker canisters:

  • Mixing valves

  • Ball valves

  • Male connectors for ball valves and mixing valves

  • Zone valves

  • Electro-thermal motors

  • Valve body with pre-regulation

  • Servo motors

  • Mixing blocks

  • Pressure-breaker canisters

Regulators for electrical heating:

  • Charge regulators for electrical heating with storage

  • Ice or snow detector

  • Digital thermostat with remote sensor

  • Thermostats with remote sensor for electrical heating

Regulators for solar heating:

  • Differential electronic thermostat for solar heating

  • Regulators for solar heating

Accessories for hot-water central heating installations:

  • Capillary thermostats

  • Cane thermostats

  • Adjustable contact thermostat

  • Capillary ambience thermostat

  • Membrane ambience thermostat

  • Safety equipment for home-heating oil burners

  • Solenoids for home-heating oil burners

  • Insulation sets for circulators

  • Thermometers

  • Gauges for home-heating oil reservoirs

  • Connection systems

Clock breakers and chrono-programmers:

  • Electro-mechanical clocks

  • Digital clocks

  • Short-cycle clock breakers

  • Chrono-programmers (programmable connections)

Programmable logic modules:

  • Programmable logic modules

  • Light and temperature sensor

  • Signal converter

Telephone and wireless control:

  • Telephone controls

  • GSM receiver/transmitter

  • Portable, wall and built-in transmitters

  • Gas detectors

  • Flooding detector

  • Receivers

  • Receiver, acoustic and light alarm

  • Receiver for flood detector

  • GSM receiver/transmitter

Gas and CO detector, gas electro-valves:

  • Radio-controlled gas detectors with acoustic alarm

  • Gas detectors for domestic applications

  • Carbon monoxide detectors for domestic applications

  • Gas detector for industrial applications

  • Carbon monoxide detectors for industrial applications

  • Gas solenoids


  • Solenoids, 2-way direct current

  • Solenoids 2-way with pilot control

  • Solenoids, 2-way with progressive closing

Descaling systems

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Regulation and control - Central heating


Regulation and automation for heating installations, control and monitoring equipment for domestic and industrial applications. Global customised solutions with personal advice.

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